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No two golfers are alike. The game is complex and optimal performance at any level requires a multidisciplinary instruction and learning approach to achieve the best results. The Sea Island Golf Performance Center has assembled a nationally recognized staff including four of Golf Digest's America's Greatest Teachers in addition to experts in golf fitness, club fitting and mental coaching. This five-pronged approach has produced extraordinary results with students at every competitive level in golf including the current U.S. Open and British Open champions.

Our philosophy includes five core competencies including Long Game, Short Game, Golf Fitness, Club Fitting, and Mental Game. These five core competencies comprise our approach to improving your game.

  • Long Game - The long game is comprised of the swing fundamentals of all full swings. This core competency is paramount to developing a repeatable athletic motion that develops a consistent ball flight.
  • Short Game - The Short Game is comprised of core skills associated with all non- full swing motions including chipping, pitching, putting, and bunker play.
  • Golf Fitness - Golf Fitness incorporates the specialized strengthening and flexibility training utilized by our industry experts to promote consistent performance and sustainability.
  • Club Fitting - Our Club Fitting resources utilize the TrackMan Launch Monitor which provides feedback that allows for the optimization of launch conditions, spin rates and overall distance through the correct club manufacturer and set make-up. Our "Best of Class" approach provides fitting systems and fitting clubs in all golf club categories including Drivers, irons, fairway metals, hybrids, and wedges that allow you to test all significant equipment manufacturers in the industry.
  • Mental Game - The Mental Game trains you how to develop proven mental processes and practice routines to produce consistent results on the course.

We specialize in results driven custom multidisciplinary programs that have produced champions at all competitive levels.

Call the Sea Island Golf Performance Center at 912-638-5119 to schedule golf instruction.

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