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Custom Program

Below are samples of our most popular multidimensional golf programs. Please call the Sea Island Golf Performance Center at 912-638-5119 and we will customize a program specifically for you.

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Multidimensional programs

are designed for the avid golfer who would like to take their game to the next level. Our instructors will analyze your game and focus the instructional programs accordingly.

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Two-Day Program #1 »

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Train Like the Pros Program

is designed for you to experience the same multi-dimensional golf training programs as the world's most successful PGA Tour Professionals at Sea Island. Our philosophy includes five core competencies including long game, short game, golf fitness, club fitting and mental game. These five core competencies comprise our comprehensive approach to improving your game.

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Junior Advanced Performance programs

are designed for the young adult aspiring to play college golf. This program combines all the elements to help them achieve their goal.

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